Po Chai Pills 保济丸 (Abdominal, Stomach Ache Relief)


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This Traditional Chinese Medicine acts to release the exterior, expel dampness and harmonize the middle-energizer. It is used for common cold due to summer dampness with the symptoms of fever, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and gastro-intestinal upset.

198 Pills (3.7g) x 20 Bottles

Recommended Dose:

For adults; take 99 pills (0.5 bottle) - 198 pills (1 bottle) each time; 3 times daily.


该中药起到释放外表,排出湿气和调和中能的作用。 它用于夏季潮湿引起的普通感冒,伴有发烧,头痛,腹痛,腹泻,恶心,呕吐和肠胃不适的症状。


对于成年人; 每次服用99片(0.5瓶)-每次198片(1瓶); 每天3次。

Medicinal Ingredients:

Pueraria Montana var. Labata (Ge Gen) (Root)…0.324mg

Uncaria Rhynchophylla (Gambir) (Twig)…1.295mg

Oryza Sativa (Dao Ya) (Oryzae Germinatus) (Seed)…1.295mg

Magnolia Officinalis (Hou Po)…0.648mg

Metha Haplocalyx (Bo He) (Mentha) (Aerial Part)…1.295mg

Wolfiporia Extensa (Fu ling) (Poria) (Sclerotium)…0.678mg

Coix Lancryma-Jobi Var. Ma-Yuen (Yi Yi Ren) (Kernal)…0.324mg

Pogostemon Cablin (Guang Hou Xiang) (Patchouli) (Ariel)…0.971mg

Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Ju Hua) (Capitulum)…0.648mg

Angelica Dahurica (Bai Zhi) (Root)…1.295mg

Citrus Grandis (Hua Ju Hong) (Exocarpium Benincasae Citri Grandis) (Exocarp)…1.619mg

Tribulus Terrestris (Ji Li) (Fruit)…0.971mg

Trichsanthes Kirilowii (Tian Hua Fen) (Root)…1.295mg

Atractylodes Lancea (Cang Zhu) (Rhizome)…1.295mg

Massa Medicata Fermentata (Guangdong Shenqu) (Medicated Leaven)…2.59mg

 Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Iron Oxides, Carmine, Talc, Dextrin


Avoid smoke, alcohol, and spicy, uncooked, or greasy food.

Do not have nourishing medications when taking.

Do not use in the case of external dry-heat.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you have severe hypertension, cardiac diseases, hepatosis, diabetes or nephrosis etc. chronic diseases.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if body temperature is higher than 38.5C

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if experience severe vomiting and diarrhea.

Consult a health care practitioner if conditions do not improve in 3 days.

Use with caution if you have allergies.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are taking other medications.

Keep out of reach of children.