About Us

Founded in 1988, the Bao An Chinese Herbal Centre is a family owned business spanning over 3 generations. Today we are honoured to be the oldest and most trusted retailer of Chinese herbal medicine and natural foods in Edmonton, Canada.
Our goal is to make traditional Chinese medicine, natural herbs and dried goods easily accessible to all.
Regardless of who you are or your health needs, it’s never too late to take on a holistic and natural approach to improving your health. So, let us help you get started!
宝安中草药中心成立于1988年,是一家家族企业,业务横跨3代。 今天,我们很荣幸成为加拿大埃德蒙顿市最古老,最受信任的中草药和天然食品零售商。
无论您是谁,也无论您的健康需求是什么,采用整体,自然的方法来改善您的健康永远不会太晚。 因此,让我们帮助您开始吧!