Dried Bird Nest 燕窝

Bao An

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Bird's nest is a traditional precious natural tonic that has been consumed in China since the Ming Dynasty. It has been an effective tonic for emperors and nobles. The bird's nest is formed by condensing saliva from the swiftlet sparrow or the same genus. The bird's nest is high in protein, with a delicate fragrance and a slight stickiness when chewed. Since ancient times, bird's nest has been regarded as a fine food and precious product for nourishing yin body fluids and beauty.  

Serve as warm dessert. 1 whole nest is sufficient to prepare about 4 dessert bowls of thick bird nest soup

Directions: Soak 1 piece of dried bird nest in clean water for at least 4 hours before cooking. Place red dates, goji and softened raw bird nest into 500ml of boiling water. Double boil for 20 mins. Add crystal rock sugar to taste and ready to serve.

Place of Origin: Indonesia