Bee Propolis 120 Capsules

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What is Bee Propolis

Propolis has antiseptic and antibacterial purposes that help the bees keep their hives bacteria-free. Within the honey bee hive is a myriad of alternative and natural health remedies.

Multi flowers Green Bee Propolis comes from Brazil’s Grade A green bee propolis.

What is Bee Propolis Made of?

The timid honey bee provides us with bee propolis. Bees make propolis from plant resins and other substances. Natural bee propolis is the material made by the honey bee to seal the hive against predators and disease. Propolis actually consists of a resin that oozes from tree bark and plants. Also called” bee glue”, the bees lend the resin with wax they secret from their abdomens. The chemical composition of propolis differs depending on the plant from which the bee collected the resin.

The use of propolis is known to keep the hive disease-free by inhibiting bacteria and fungus from growing inside it.

Bee propolis is a natural honey bee hive product, propolis extracts have been used both internally and externally for thousands of years as a healing agent in traditional health products.